Rarely people do live their lives with reasonable purpose for their lives here on earth. Many of us may think of ourselves as having the right purpose in our mind but in reality it is not so vividly clear what it is and many do not know why we exist here on earth? Just for eat, drink, relax and have fun? But I don’t think so. There is highest purpose for us. Ultimate purpose is to know Almighty God and His plan for you and me so that we can keep His commandments for us so that we can inherit eternal fife.

Life – is always like a challenge, we struggle in many things, we compete with each other, we oppose or submit one to another and this is enclosed circle of our choices and challenges. Some people will only compete, rebel everyone and disagree with everything they are displeased with. But others, will agree and ready for a submission to do the things that our society has offer to them.

You can find out your purpose for your life and be driven with your purpose, and maybe, lot of things in your life will be changed, but you can’t change one thing – the TRUTH. The truth is unchangeable thing and not irreverent and not movable in itself. The truth is like a solid foundation. You may ask me how can I find it? There is  truth about your life, there is truth about your final destination, there is truth about your life. We need to know all of it and live for right purpose. Yet, there is truth about LORD GOD, the Creator of the universe and there is truth about God’s Adversary – the Devil, Satan, old Serpent and his servants. and there is truth we need to know about our own final destination and the end of all things.

The word of God, gives all essential information for we need to know, and it tells about all the things we need to know. But not everyone is seeking for the truth. What is the TRUTH? Can the humans possess the true knowledge at all? The answer is:  God’s Word is TRUTH.

The TRUTH can make you  free, free from your bondage, from sin sinful things of this world. The lies and falsehood entices, confuses and blinds people’s eyes but the true knowledge leads out to light.

The Bible – is the source of true knowledge. 

Living Life with true Confidence

Jesus Christ says – I am the way, the truth and life.