Mexico Mission Trip

We had a great time with our church youth on our trip to Mexico during the spring break of 2019. 

God blessed us to go there and visit churches in Mexico, and serve hundreds of children, singing to them and conducting bible study lessons and telling them about our Savior Jesus Christ.

But on the way back we’ve seen God’s miraculous hand to keep us safe from collision and road accidents on our way back to Oregon.

SCCS Church,  (Slavic Christian Church of Salem Oregon) is very participate for Mission Trips in bringing God’s Word to those who need to hear it.

SCCS Church has very enthusiastic youth, who are ready to spread the Gospel through, and reaching out to people any way they can singing songs, preaching, performing bible based skids and other services.

Thank God we’ve seen a lot of good things on our trip to Mexico

Lot of impressions still have in or hearts, and a lot of emotions seeing kids with their tears didn’t want us to leave..

Our group stayed serving to people there in Mexico for one week. We have plans to go there again if God allow us to.

All Glory be to GOD! He is Worthy to be Served and to be Praised!