Many people don’t realize who they are and what they live for but everyone knows that we are mortals here on earth and we have no answer why? Who  are we? What is the plan for our limited existence here on earth? 

  Sadly, only few people out of all  will begin to seek the right answers these questions. Why is human life so valuable for us? Why should we die? We are mortals what’s the real value of human life? We will give away anything we have in exchange to keep ourselves living and not to lose our life because life is good.

By what force does this world exist? Is there  an evolution and it is the answer how the world began be or it just a theory? Maybe the world existence is subject to his own lucky chance? Is everything in this world becomes better with a time by its own certain existence? Or there is a law for everything? Can  this world ceased to exist and come down to its end like it was never before? What will be the cause of it if it will ceased to exist and come to its end? Or will this whole universe remain as it is through all eternity? Is there an end of time? What is our final destination as the humans? Is there independently existing God?  What kind of force  controls everything? 

Who is God? Is He living in heaven? Did God create the place for him to dwell in? Is he Omnipotent and Omnipresent? What is He Look like?  Did  God truly  create this whole world out of nothing? If we are made and created beings then what for? If God created the human race then what is the purpose for His Creation? Is there a way for us to enter the eternity and reach immortality to live eternally like God? How close to us is everlasting God? Does heaven and hell exist at the same time?

Many questions we can ask and ask but the important thing for us is that we need to receive the right answers not foulty once but true answers . Right answers can mea a lot to us. If you know the answers then you know who you are, you’re beginning and where you can end and also the end of all things.

Of course many of us may think we know the answers. But do we really know? Do we know who we are?When God asked Job questions, a rich most known person in the East in his age, if you read the Bible the book of Job chapters: 38th, 39th, 40th and 41. Four chapters in the row God wos questioning Job but Job didn’t know what to answer. Job had question for himself.

Maybe you don’t believe the Bible at all just take it for a fact that this story is written in the Bible. If you don’t believe every book in the Bible read it still for your curiosity you read for yourself the books of your choice aniway.

 Righteous Job in the Bible wasn’t able to answer God.The question remains: Who are we? What should we look for and what should we live for and what should do as humans?

The Holy Scriptures gives us one answer here: “For we are his (GOD’S) workmanship, created in Christ Jesus (His Son) unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10.