I was born in a Christian family in 1967,

From my young age I’ve heard about God’s miracles and His mighty works in life’s of people from my parents. I’ve seen a lot of preachers. Though there was a time in Soviet Union where I used to live when if we needed to get together for the Church services we did it as early as at 4 a.m. in the morning so that we could escape consequences from the authorities did not allowing us to have our Church services openly. I heard a lot of stories about God from my parents. When I was growing the temptations of this world was attracting me with its sinful things through my friends and classmates at school. But I didn’t waver in my that in God. When I was about to go to the army (mandatory service) my dad told me that I have to go to the military officers and tell them that I’m a Christian and because we had firm faith that  Christians didn’t allowed to use the firearms to kill people i wanted an alternative service. Thank God they listened to me to send me to the such place for my term in Army Service. I was there as an electrician solder for two years. When I came back from the army I got married my beautiful wife from christian Church in our city and we started our family and having children.

Now we have four grandchildren and five beautiful children, three girls and two boys. All that time I was a look-warm nominal Christian attending church services reading the Bible, praying and once in a while talking about God at home. But it wasn’t enough for me to be such a christian I didn’t have deep and intimate relationships with God. Something deep inside of me was saying I need to have better relationships with God. I started to read more Bible . At that time I didn’t have assurance if God forgave me all my sins. I was 35 years old at that time.

God was calling me to something more than the things I had to do more than just to be a normal Christian person. One time being at home alone it was Saturday. I read the whole book of Prophet Isaiah 66 chapters at once during one day, then I realize how strongly God was punishing people especially his own people chosen nation of Israel for their sins, iniquities, wickedness, idolatries and adultery. I understood the character of God. At that time I was  35 years old and suddenly I found myself wretched, disabled, miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked: with no spiritual riches inside of me so that I could share with someone and testify about God’s doctrine from  the Bible. I saw I was  supposed to have it by now but I didn’t have it. I repented at that time deeply before God and I devoted my life to God’s service as much as I could serve Him with all my heart.

Later I received God’s calling that I have to preach the gospel but I couldn’t because I was not trained to, I did not have enough knowledge or wisdom so I started to seek for it praying and asking God. Later on I started preaching at our Church attending the prayer services and serving at the church participating and other things.I’ve started helping at audio sound  mixing in the church services. I was reading and studying the word of God. later was studying systematic theologies and other Bible doctrines. I was a Pentecostal from my beginning and I still am a Pentecostal.

In a year  2000 I bought my first digital camcorder started doing our family video recordings. Three years later I bought another camcorder because the one I had was broken already. That’s how I got familiar with  video taping using a camcorder. Later on I was invited to help at the Church with audio later for the radio progrmms for our church radio  programs. I continued preaching at our church. I started recording videos of my preaching for YouTube channel I didn’t want my preachings and audio sermons disappeared. I wanted to find a way to keep them online.

My approach was always diligently preparing the Bible message, I was preparing my self to it with all my heart I didn’t want to have a pocket type messages. I listened over and over to my audio preachings and I didn’t want my   recordings disappeared. About four years ago I started doing my first video editing. That’s how I got to the point when I felt i need to open my YouTube channel to broadcast it and have my website so I can keep my preaching materials online. My goal is not to get famous through it nor earn money by it but my goal is to bring the glory to my Lord Jesus Who is mine and your savior. If it is possible to save someone from evil deception I’ll do it and if I can bring someone to Christ in order to be saved ill do it. It takes a lot of work, but if with God’s help I will that’s my goal. 

By God’s mercy I had money   to buy  my video recording  equipment,  cameras and lenses, mics, and  audio equipment and other things like software and programs all I need so that I can keep  this ministry for God’s glory. My main goal is to help people seek God and find God’s truth because the truth can make you free. I need  to learn a lot of things and get improve my knowledge of the Bible. I work on  my skills to deliver you through the Holy Spirit the things that   God wants me to bring it out to you.

We live now in a digital era and people want to hear the word of God through their mobile devises and someone has to do this for and deliver the messages to hungry people and to their souls.

Life is worth living only for a right reason.

That’s how I did start this ministry.

May God Bless you!