How should we act when the crises and times of trouble come? Should we should we and do the protests? Or maybe allow our anger go as for as it can go goes like many people do? We now living in the season  of a great events on the page of history of the world.

Political protests, economic fall and Pandemic crises came in like never before. People may think that last century taught us great lessons like how to prevent a global wars and not allow to break trough wars like world war I or world war II. Also lesson not use a nuclear weapons for mass distraction. People did not learn a way not to hate one another and be tolorative to different ethnic groups. Or those that are less educated in life or with different skin color. Did not learn not to discriminatt religious beliefs whether theistic or atheistic. Having progress  in the economy will not always brining us more secure and confortable life but it will bring more challenge with it for more jealousy in people , losing security, brinning strife, enmity and hatred towards one another.

The  world has divided. There are two groups, one is on the right side  and other on the left . It is effected individuals, also families and the nations.Why is all of this? What is happening? Answer is: People want things their way. No more acceptance each other like before. no more humbleness, and no agreements.

Pandemic time of COVID-19 brought world’s economy to another mode of existence – mode of Quarantine. It slows everything down in productions.   Through the pandemic crises there is social isolation of people. Did the earth experience it on this scale before? Of course not to this scale.     

Trough global networks and quick phone and internet communications global thinkers finally can implement their ideas in life. We can’t blame people for the inventions but for their devises in theirs directions. The SPIRIT that motivates them to get a global control is the evil spirit. The sin of sexual lusts, the spirit of pride, the spirit of deceptions offering often as a “Good things”’ to population of people offering the traps and sorrows for the lives. Sin looks nice from outside but the hiding agenda of the “MasterMind” behind there is always in place that corrupts  a good morals.

People wearing masks now, people are infected and “diseased” in their souls.

To be on the Gods side or to be on the left side is always he choice of individual. But one having an enlightened mind by the word of God, we as christians have to choose the right standing towards Gods principals. We need to act like the children of God not like the children of this world. In the time of crises there is more spiritual actions needed rather than physical things. Our role as christians is crucial at the time of crisis. 

Obedience to God is better than sacrifices. Repentance and turning away from evil things is what we need now. Rebellion always leads to distractions. At the time of crisis there is still a time for the world’s repentance. 

Outburst of anger towards one another shows tush’s he works of Satan. Protests are not a new thing, nothing is new under the sun. There was once rebellion of Satan, and after that the rebellion of Adam, then of Cain, then of the people before the great flood,  then of those who tried to build the Babylonian Tower, the of the Sodomites,  then of the Egyptian Pharaoh,  then of the nation of Israel, then of the canaanites,  then of the enemies of Israel and so on. When God speaks to us we should obey and not rebel against Him. The voice of God still spikes to people now.  

Christians of the State of Oregon were gathering together at City Capitol for prayer and repentance on behalf of themselves and other people for City, for State and for the whole nation. Pastors was calling people for repentance to God and ask or mercy. At the end ministers were praying for sick people and deliverance. Our participating in prayer during this crisis is really needed. We need to understand what is going on and not underestimate the possible consequences of all of this. Many people are in a spiritual rest right in the time of was of the Devil for the souls of people especially in the crisis like this. We should act now.